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C&C Zero Hour | Systemanforderungen

Betriebssystem:Win 98/2000/ME/XPWin 98/2000/ME/XP
CPU:800 MHz Intel Pentium III oder AMD Athlon Prozessor2 GHz oder schneller Intel Pentium IV oder AMD Athlon Prozessor
RAM:128 MB384 MB oder mehr
Grafikkarte: 32 MB Grafikkarte mit DirectX 8.1-Kompatibilität
Nvidia GeForce 2 oder höher
ATI Radeon 7500 oder höher
Nvidia GeForce3 oder besser Direct3D kompatible Grafikkarte
DirectX:Version 8.1Version 8.1
Sound:DirectX 8.1 kompatbile PCI 16-bit SoundkarteDirectX 8.1 kompatbile PCI 16-bit Soundkarte
Festplattenspeicher:1.8 GB plus Platz für Savegames & Windows swap-file1.8 GB plus Platz für Savegames & Windows swap-file
Laufwerk:CD/DVD-Geschwindigkeit: 8xCD/DVD-Geschwindigkeit: 8x
Interntgeschwindigkeit:56 KB/sBreitband

Empfohlene Eingabegeräte: Maus, Tastatur

Note: The game requires support for Hardware T&L. Hardware transform and lighting lets the 3D chip do the power hungry floating point calculations that make a scene out of a 3D world (‚transforming‘), remove the objects that are outside of the viewing range (‚clipping‘) and give each vertex a light vector after computing the 3D-scene and its light sources (‚lighting‘.) Most integrated video chips do not support Hardware T&L. Note: Some PCs equipped with the VIA KT133a chipset might encounter problems with Command & Conquer Generals. Additionally, the following specifications are required for multiplayer: * 256 MB RAM for 3-8 players * One set of game discs per player. Disc 1 and Disc 2 cannot be used simultaneously for multiplayer games. * Internet (2-4 players): 56Kbpsor faster direct Internet connection * Internet (5-8 players): Cable, DSL,or a faster direct Internet connection * Network (2-8 players):TCP/IP compliant network