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Interview mit Cold War Crisis Englisch

-How long are you already working on the Mod?

SHADOW: We started to work on CWC on March, 8th 2004. But we waited till April to go public to have enough finished work to show to the community.

-Is there already a release-date? 

SHADOW: We can’t and we don’t want to tell a fixed date for release. „It’s done when it’s done!“ 😉

-Will the gameplay in CWC be more simulation or more action/arcade? 

SHADOW: CWC will be a mixture of both. We want to include realistic elements, as far as they are possible with the Generals-Engine, however we aim more for action than for realism. The fun-factor is more important to us than the realism-factor.

-What kind of super weapons or level 5 General-abilities will be included? 

2312222: We don’t want to include super weapons like Nuke, Particle Cannon or SCUD-Storm because we want the players to focus on the units and their tactical possibilities. Else they would just build a bunch of Nuclear-Silos and completely nuke the enemy…
But we have planned other devastating weapons / general-abilities. For example the RT-21M as level 5 General-ability will equip the Russian player with a very strong artillery. The USA will mostly rely on air support in different ways, f.e. the “Daisy Cutter” bomb.

-Can you tell us any details about Navy units? 

SHADOW: Navy units aren’t planned yet; Navy wouldn’t fit on the regular C&C Maps anyway. Maybe we will include Navy later on if we have the time.

-Which role will elite units have and what will make them so special compared to regular infantry?

2312222: Our elite units aren’t heroes like you know them from ZH. We tried to choose a characteristic elite unit for every faction and give them special unique abilities. The US elite units will have a laser-designator and are able to call in an air strike on a designated target. They are also equipped with silenced MP’s. The Russians will have elite units with satchel charges and knifes. With the elite units we want to give the player an instrument that can strike the enemy concentrated and specific without attracting attention. Also every faction will have another very special and unique unit with special abilities, but I don’t want to tell you too much now 😉

-Will the infantry of the various factions have special qualities? 

2312222: Our infantry will have realistic uniforms according to real units and also carry correct weapons. With the infantry we also want to work out the special abilities of the factions. The Europeans will get some extra strong infantry units, f.e. the „MILAN Rocket Infantry“. This unit will be very good against enemy tanks.

-Are you going to implement new technologies? 

2312222: I can’t say too much about new techs since we are integrating them „as needed“, but we will have a lot of useful upgrades for each faction that will either equip the unit with improved abilities or improve / change weapons / armor.

-Which unit are you most proud of and why? 

SHADOW: In general we are proud of any of our units a bit. Everyone has his own favorites of course. A unit we are all very proud of is the Russian UAZ-469 Jeep.

2312222: At the moment I like the Russian T-80 U a lot. The tank looks great in my eyes and is very powerful and versatile.

-Are you also going to change the Sounds and if you do then which ones? 

Widowmaker: Yes, since we are making a Total Conversion we are going to change all sounds.
All units will speak their native language; the Russians will speak real Russian and the Americans real American English. We aren’t quite sure about the Europeans yet.

-What will be the strongest air- and land units? 

2312222: The USA will have the air superiority, the F-15 and the AH-64 Apache will be some of their strongest units of course. But you have to consider that a Mi-24 Hind also isn’t harmless at all. The Hind is armed lighter but can carry infantry. The Russians will have the upper hand in land warfare with the new T-series tanks. The T-80 UK will be the masterpiece of Russian engineering. The Europeans will have some sort of middle-way and will be able to defend themselves in land and air without relying on one or the other too much.

-What’s the role of the helicopters? 

SHADOW: Helos will be included for a lot of different „jobs“. Of course there will be attack helicopters like the AH-64 Apache or the Mi-24 Hind but we will also have helos for special missions like transport of elite units, Med-Evac or reconnaissance. Helos will be a very versatile arm branch in service.

-Will the Mod be available in different languages? 

SHADOW: Yes, I think we will make at least an English and German version.

2312222: If needed other versions are also possible.

-What are your plans in future for the mod? Are units in development that weren’t released on the page yet?

SHADOW: Yes, we have some stuff that we haven’t showed yet because we aren’t 100% satisfied with the result. Only if a unit reaches “Gold-Status” and we are happy with it we release it.

-If yes, which units??

SHADOW: Hehe ok, I will tell you one unit 😉
Some infantry units are nearly finished, at the moment we are working on them to give them some kind of special touch.