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Interview mit: The First Tiberian War (Englisch)

Diesmal gibt es ein Interview mit dem Team um The First Tiberian War.
Hiermit möchte ich mich nochmal bei Skulking_ferrit und dem gesamten Team bedanken das sie Zeit für uns gefunden haben Twink

– What was your motivation to start TFTW?
I thought it would be interesting to create a modification for the latest Command & Conquer game that would bring it back to its roots – the global conflict between GDI and Nod. I was disappointed that no one else was making a Generals-to-Tiberian Dawn conversion, and since I knew a little about modding myself, I decided to start “The First Tiberian War”.

– Will you also use the generals abilities or just the nuclear missile / ion cannon?
Just as in Tiberian Dawn, there are three “superweapons” – GDI A-10 Air Strike, Nod Nuclear Missile, and of course the GDI Ion Cannon, all of which will be included in our first release. (The nuke is no longer all-powerful – it has been “nerfed”, but can now be used multiple times.) However, other abilities won’t come until later.

– Will there be any other special weapons?
Once we start “TFTW: Xtended”, which will be a sort of “expansion pack” for TFTW, we will include other abilities. Although we haven’t started to plan out the Xtended version, we are thinking about generals abilities that include cash hack and calling in reinforcements from off the map.

– Will you add some new game specific features which were not featured in TD?
For our first release, we hope to include a challenging AI to battle against in Skirmish mode. (However, we are having problems with coding AI, so it probably won’t be too challenging in the first version.) Also, we plan to add units and features new to the TD universe in the Xtended version.

– Is there any unit you are very proud of?
I“m pretty pleased with our latest version of the medium tank. We’ve come a long way from our first renders, as the latest textures show.

– Will there be an installer?
Currently, we are testing different installer programs to use for our modification. We’ll most likely have one selected before our final testing stage.

– Do you also rebuild the original maps?
This has proven to be a challenge, as not many of our mappers currently own the original Tiberian Dawn. On top of that, the only way we know of to view the original Tiberian Dawn maps is to start an online game with them, which we can’t do. If anyone knows of another way to view the Tiberian Dawn maps, please help us. At the moment, we are creating unique maps, and perhaps might convert the original Zero Hour maps to work with our mod.

– On what things are you currently working on / which things prevent the release?
The AI is being a pain as it hates the way in which we“ve implemented the construction yard build style. We might have to make the AI cheat to allow it to play correctly. We are also working on polishing up units and buildings and fixing bugs and glitches.

– Were there any large difficulties you experienced while working on the mod?
Yes. In order to replicate the original Tiberian Dawn as much as possible, we wanted to bring back the sidebar and the construction yard build style. However, both proved to be very challenging, but our coder Waraddict is working hard to resolve these problems.

– How do you want to handle the naval units? Will there be a Shipyard?
Just like in the original Tiberian Dawn, you will not be able to construct naval units. However, units such as the hover craft and gunboat will make appearances in the missions, which will be available in later releases.

– What side (Nod or GDI) do you personally prefer and why?
Nod all the way! There is nothing that can match the silent power of an army of stealth tanks, backed by Nod’s nuclear arsenal.

– Will you add Single Player missions to the mod?
Yes, but they won’t appear until future releases.

– What about the AI? Are there any more exact information now?
As I said earlier, the AI is giving us trouble. It will most likely work, but won’t be as challenging as we hoped, so if you are looking for an intense game, plan a game on our forums and play online.

– Is an own Multiplayer Lobby planned?
Yes, we’ll probably rename one of the lesser-used lobbies to “TFTW”, so anyone playing TFTW can join that lobby.

– Will some old units have new features?
We“ve changed some of the units slightly to balance them better. For example, when a mammoth tank attacks infantry or air units, it will use its missiles, but it will also use its missiles on enemy vehicles and structures.

– Are you planning to start a new Mod when TFTW is done?
Perhaps. If I do start a new mod, it will probably be for the game, “Dawn of War”. Although it is not from the Command & Conquer series we all know and love, it is an excellent real time strategy game with high poly counts and smooth online gaming.